Who Are We and Why Journey My Trip?

Welcome to our traveling guides by our Experts who will take you to your dream wonderland which is now almost on the snap of your finger.

So, Chop Chop Lovelies! 

  Do you know, what is best the part of traveling world?

It leaves you in no little bubble and consequently in no time you explore, new people, place, nature and its beauties. You suddenly come out of comfort zone temporarily to breathe some fresh air.

As a result of which nothing gives you an utmost pleasure than this if you become the most fortunate enough to get a complete tour package at the best affordable rate.



Journey My Trip is basically a half decade old Travel and Tourism Company incepted on 15th oct 2015, by Ravi Shankar Prasad who is undisputed winner in discovering his ultimate passionate journey and then ending up launching his own company one day and as a result of this with his endeavour at his best, he is assisting us in fulfilling our dream travelling trip with wide range of options at the most affordable rate. As Company is giving their best services to stay in demand by providing primarily utmost satisfaction to allure the potential customers.


While Ravi Shankar Prasad being founder of Journey My Trip has some of his best portfolios to showcase their customers, whereas they have already created benchmark in their own perspectives while working with world-class renowned biggies like, Balmer & Lawrie Co. Ltd., Travels boutique online, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Ericsson, Sony India, Siemens, Google etc. At the end of the day, he knows how to make one's leisure period into a fantabulous tour.




We have some better competitive advantage over our rivals in same vertical. We have the specialized team for this crucial work of air ticketing with dynamic fare pricing. We have the special mechanism to better fare and routing which is almost difficult through the online portal. And finally, we do provide credit facility which again not possible on an online portal. But we care for each and every one of you and want to give Wings to such people not to miss the bus.


We have our expert professions to assist you to make your journey easier. As we always want to stay connected with you for a long-term association. So, we provide you with all quintessential features like, comfortability, accessibility, and affordability which you want in the very first place. Thus, we also help you better in saving your time from your busy schedules. As our professional guides you and carry out these activities.


We have the diverse range of package tour from family, to couple to an individual with ultimate varieties of alternatives. We just want our customer to leave their stress back home and recreate every bit of them embark. As package tour task is basically handled by travel professional who plan our packages to make our journey so special in hassle free which ultimately also saves your money and time together and also to make you at home being away from home, eventually


We also deal in foreign exchange service also; our one of the unit is registered with RBI. We are committed to offering lowest rate available in the market whereas this service is not generally available in the market.

This mechanism works with the lowest rate picked rate on the requirement with the different service provider and asks them to share the best price.


Last but not least, whole travel planning can be put on hold just in case of delay in Visa Approval. So, anything and every recreation start after it get a nod from an embassy. But beforehand we make everyone sure that in case your visa gets disapproved due to your discrepancy in credentials then you are at your own risk, even if you have already booked your travel before approval. From thereafter of approval, our real lined up travel packages go on the floor. JMT Travel has a very expert team in visa assistance service. The organization is registered with every embassy for processing visa. The service which we provide in this is we share checklist with the applicant as per updated with a list of an embassy if a document is ready for collection the same will be collected and submitted in an embassy. Once a visa is approved the passport will be delivered to your address.

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