Financial Loss in Visa Process

                                                      Financial Loss in Visa Process


As you know visa is one of the important document for international travel. Most of travellers are losing their earning in the terms of paying to hotel / airlines as cancellation penalty.  Most of travellers book their hotel and air ticket on paid basis without getting their visa in hand.

It is advisable not to book their hotel and air ticket without getting visa. It can be applied and approved on the basis of blocked air ticket and hotel booking.

Visa approval process is completely decision of embassy. They may process visa under the time line or it might be delayed without any valid reason.

So my advice here is to get visa in hand firstly then process for payment to airline and hotel. Maximum no. of country’s embassy delay their visa process system like Canada, Australia, Brazil, U.K, Japan, New Zealand, Tunisia, etc.

Countries like China, Singapore, USA, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, South Africa etc deliver visa on said period of time.

  I am giving a live example of one visa process for UK. My one applicant Mr. Pradeep Khanna & family had called me for Visa assistance for UK. I explained the all process; then again he called and told me that his ticket is already issued and travel date is on 30 May 17. I got to know about his case on 12 May 17, Saturday. Since it was Friday so document cannot be submitted in Embassy on Friday evening. On Next Day, Saturday 13 May 17, I have done his all on lining work and everything was set to be submitted on Monday in priority visa, because it was my suggestion to file the same on priority. But he said no problem, I will file the same on normal process because they take 15 working days and I have 15 working days in hand, So I am sure I will get my visa, then again I replied to him, sir it is doubtful for me to receive visa till 30 May 17, but if you want to take risk, I will welcome your choice.

He waited till 29 May 17 evening but not get any intimation for visa collection from UK VFS. Now the situation is very painful, bag is pack for departure from India but visa and passport is not in hand. If ticket is cancelled on 29 May 17 and he receive visa on 30 May 17, again the situation is very tough. If ticket is not cancelled and wait till 30 May 17, but visa not received on 30 May 17 then ticket is completely non refundable in case of no show. He taken the 2nd option and waited for visa till the last moment of his flight departure. But he didn’t receive visa and flight got departed from IGI. And he had lost his complete money which he paid to the airlines while booking his ticket.

The good news had come for Mr. Pradeep Khanna on 02 Jun 17 at 2 PM, he and his family had received a message from UK VFS for passport collection. They immediately rushed to the venue and collected the same immediately. Now He paid me INR 5 Lac approximately for his new air ticket and hotel booking confirmation. The earlier amount which he had paid to airlines for purchase of discounted air ticket from airlines is useless.

So, my advice with every applicant, think more than 100 times before issuing any international air ticket and hotel, if visa is not in your hand. Take suggestion from an expert travel consultant (JMT Travel Services Pvt. Ltd) for trip planning.

If he had not booked ticket and took help from during the time of ticket booking, He could be safe and in terms of financially and mentally.  can give a process in which visa can be filed without getting confirm hotel and air ticket. It can be filed on the base of blocked air ticket and hotel reservation which is much cheaper.

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