China visa assistance

Planning to go out to China either for a business tour or a family trip? April, May and September, October is the best time to visit there. China nowadays is regarded as a huge business hub. Every single retailer in our society does have Chinese products on the shelf.

Although we Indians don’t trust on Chinese manufacturing too much but we are regularly doing trading with them. So there are times when you suddenly get an opportunity to have a contract with China and you may fell stuck while getting a visa. Here I have an amazing option which is JourneyMyTrip.

JourneyMyTrip provides you visa services on the urgent basis.  This is seriously one of the best visa service providers in Noida.  I consider both China business visa assistance and China tourist visa assistance as our USP.

The main eye catchy points where you need to visit whenever you travel to China includes-

•    Beijing – the Forbidden City, temple of heaven, Great Wall of China

•    Xi'an – terracotta army, ancient city wall, Muslim street.

•    Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou – cover these cities in 1 hour by bullet train

•    Chengdu – the city of cute little and jumbo pandas

•    Huangshan – a place to be lost in mountains

•    Chongqing – a night to be spent on the cruise.

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