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Dubai- popularly known as “city of Gold” is attracting a huge number of travelers towards it. Dubai is gaining so much importance in today’s time be it for a honeymoon trip or for a family outing or just like an adventurous trip.

Dubai usually has a package of 4 nights and 5 days. In this time duration, you can easily discover the whole of it.

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Some tiny little tips I want to share with you. Just keep a track and don’t do these things if you are planning on Dubai outing.

•    Alcohol - Drinking in public is not tolerated and can cause you jail

•    Smoking - Smoking is also an illegal offense there. If you are addicted to it then does it in private area.

•    Affection - Dubai is a Muslim city so they usually don’t allow you to show your love to your partner in public. They believe in keeping the things private.

•    Body show - Get your comfy swimsuits or stuff like that only for swimming location. The city doesn’t allow you to fault your body.

•     Sex Before marriage - Having sex with someone you are not married to is like acceptable in a country like the U.S but hold on Dubai treats it as an offense to their religion.

•    Homosexuality - Where all over the globe homosexuality is viewed with respect Dubai doesn’t allow people to love someone of the same gender.

So basically these were some tips you should consider before going to Dubai. If you are planning your trip out there then just visit our site journeymytrip for availing the best Dubai vacation packages. In our Dubai tour packages everything of tourist attraction will be easily covered and that too at the lowest cost.

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